Scorpion vs. Tarantula - Our Story

L. Hotshot: vocals | Tana Satana: bass | Michael "Cappy" Renfroe: drums | Jay Bennett: guitar

Scorpion vs. Tarantula was formed by L. and Jay in June 2008 in the Glendale, Arizona home of a drummer called Notah. The band played its first show later that year as a trio. Tana Satana (ex-Nunzilla, The Hussies, Asses of Evil) joined on bass in November 2009. Notah left in May 2011 to pursue interests outside of music. Cappy joined in September 2012.

They also served: Jason Stone (drums), Ian Lee (drums), Bam Bam (drums)



April 16 -- Chopper John's with Sturdy Ladies, Hellflowers, Nuclear Beach Party

March 26 -- Rips with The Love Me Nots and Two Tens (LA)

March 18 -- The Rebel Lounge with Calabrese

February 21 -- Cafe NELA in Los Angeles with Symbol Six, Smoke Bombs, and Focke-Wolves

February 20 -- Under the Wire in North Hollywood with Symbol Six, Smoke Bombs, and Focke-Wolves

February 19 -- The Doll Hut in Anaheim with Symbol Six, Smoke Bombs, and Focke-Wolves

February 6 -- ThirdSpace with Battered Suitcases and Companeros

January 30 -- Pho Cao in Scottsdale with Father Figures, Smoke Bombs, No Volcano, and Skink

January 15 -- Rips with The Mission Creeps, JJCnV, and Shovel

2015 (30)

December 31 -- The Quarry in Bisbee with The Mission Creeps

November 14 -- Chopper John's with The Mission Creeps, French Girls, and Turbulent Hearts (LA)

November 13 -- Surly Wench Pub in Tucson with The Mission Creeps, Shovel, and Turbulent Hearts (LA)

October 31 -- Prankster's Too in Scottsdale with Scott Rowe's Alice Cooper Tribute

October 31 -- Yucca Tap Room with Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers, Labor Party, and The Earps

September 27 -- The Eagle in Los Angeles with Barrio Tiger

September 26 -- Maui Sugar Mill Saloon with iT?, Grindhouse (Australia), and Electric Children

August 28 -- Yucca Tap Room with The Ricardos, Big Vinny, Lenguas Largas, and more.

August 14 -- Chopper John's with Venomous Pinks and Buried in Red

July 4 -- Crescent Ballroom with Bob Log III and Pork Torta

May 30 -- ThirdSpace with Killer Pussy and the Breakup Society

May 29 -- Yucca Tap Room for VagFest 6 w/ French Girls, Katterwaul, Battered Suitcases, and more

May 26 -- The Rebel Lounge with GBH, Total Choas, and Rotten Youth

May 11 -- Crescent Ballroom with Ex-Cult and Man Hands

May 3 -- The Redwood Bar in Los Angeles with Vicky and the Vengents, CinX, and the Slivers

May 2 -- Benders in San Francisco with Inferno of Joy

May 1 -- Winters Tavern in Pacifica, California with Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs

April 30 -- Cafe NELA in Los Angeles with it? and Cruelly Yours

April 25 -- Pub Rock in Scottsdale with Richie Ramone, Smoke Bombs and Dime Runner

April 18 -- ThirdSpace with Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers, The Earps, Truckers on Speed, and Kevin Daly. Benefit for the Coalition to End Domestic Violence

April 18 -- The Record Room in Scottsdale with Freaks of Nature. Record Store Day show.

April 14 -- Rips with Barb Wire Dolls, Manual Sex Drive, and Nuclear Beach Party

March 27 -- Crescent Ballroom with Motobunny

March 15 -- Malone's Concert Venue in Santa Ana (CA) with Killer Pussy, Problem with Dragons, The Slivers, and Sick Eddy.

March 14 -- Los Globos in Los Angeles with Killer and Problem with Dragons

March 13 -- The Til Two Club in San Diego with Killer Pussy and Daddy Issues

February 7 -- The Pressroom with Smoke Bombs, The Father Figures, No Volcano, and Poolside Sacrifice

January 17 -- The Redwood in Los Angeles with Batlords, The Lucky Eejits, and more,

January 16 -- The Dive Bar in Las Vegas with D.I.

January 9 -- Yucca Tap Room with the Dictators (NY), Swap Meat, Dark Hearts, Rotten Youth, and more

2014 (35)

November 15 -- Alwun House with Killer Pussy and Daddy Issues (San Diego)

November 8 -- Lost Leaf with Battered Suitcase and Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers

November 8 -- ThirdSpace with a lot of bands. Grand Avenue Festival

November 7 -- Time Out Lounge with Lenguas Largas (Tucson) and Big Vinny and the Cattle Thieves. A benefit for Bragg's Factory Diner

November 6 -- Rips with The Love Me Nots, Steel Cranes (Oakland), and French Girls

October 17 -- Yucca Tap Room with Venomous Pinks, Des and the Cendents, Grave Danger, Brimstone Way (Cappy's other band), Swapmeat

October 3 -- Chopper John's with Gloomsday (San Diego), Shovel, and Numb Bats

September 20 -- Rhythm Room with Woolly Bandits and Grave Danger

September 6 -- Alice Cooperstown with the Fabulous Miss Wendy and the Dead Cats

August 9 -- Lost Leaf with Battered Suitcases, Carol Pacey & the Honey Shakers, and Ivan Rose

August 8 -- Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas with Super Zeroes and Stoned Evergreen Travelers

August 7 -- Burt's Tiki Lounge in Salt Lake City with The Swamp Ravens
August 6 -- Ampersand in Reno with DJ Sophia Snackz
August 5 -- Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland with The Sorority, The Come Ups, and Sticky Valentines
August 3 -- Winters Tavern in Pacifica, California, with Sticky Valentines, The Capp Street Girls, Dirty Denim, and General Hospital
August 2 -- Cafe Nela in Los Angeles with Dirty Eyes, Brainspoon, and The Gypz
August 1 -- Tower Bar in San Diego with Outlaw Bastards from Tijuana

July 13 -- Rhythm Room with Supersucker and the Love Me Nots
July 11 -- Chopper John's with Girl Boner, Size Gamut, and Button Struggler

May 30 -- Time Out Lounge in Tempe with Father Figures, Labor Party, and Smoke Bombs
May 19 -- Rips with Holly Golightly and French Girls
May 9 -- Chopper John's with The Freaks of Nature, French Girls, and JJCnV
May 7 -- Yucca Tap Room with Lisa Doll and the Rock 'n' Roll Romance (Baltimore), French Girls
May 2 -- VagFest 5 at Yucca Tap Room with Bleeding Rainbow (PA), Katterwaul (Tucson), Man Hands, and Cherie Cherie

April 26 -- Miami Loco Art Fest in Miami, Arizona, with Fairy Bones, Katterwaul, Bacchus and the Demon Sluts, and many more.
April 25 -- Pearson's Pub in Tucson with Pygmy Death-Ray, The Distortionists, and Thriftstore Throwdown
April 11 -- Groove on Grand grand opening party with Kevin Daly, and Spiderbaby.

March 21 -- Surly Wench Pub in Tucson with The Mission Creeps and Psygoat.
March 8 -- Tempe Tavern with The Hat Madder (MI), The Gamma Function, and Black Canyon Bastards
March 7 -- Time Out Lounge in Tempe with Warm Soda, Big Tits, and Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs
March 1 -- Our record release show at Rips, with Snake! Snake! Snakes!, The Smoke Bombs, and Cherie Cherie.

January 25 -- The Main Stage in Cottonwood with The Pleasure Victims
January 24 -- The Rogue Bar with Rebel Set, Freaks of Nature, and Oakland Raiders
January 17 -- Double Down Saloon. AVN Party with The Objex, Evil Beaver, and Punk Rawk Elvis
January 11 -- Ice House Tavern with Breakup Society and Mill's End.

2013 (29)

December 31 -- The Lost Leaf with French Girls, Freaks of Nature, Sonorus, and China USA
December 14 -- Crescent Ballroom with Cherie Cherie, Freaks of Nature, and Wooden Indian.

November 23 -- Rips with Bob Log III, Dirty Hairy, and Kid Dynamite and the Blast
November 2 -- Rogue Bar with Evil Beaver (L.A.), The Objex (Vegas), and GOMI.

October 26 -- Sail Inn in Tempe with French Girls, Fairy Bones, Pleasure Victims, Echo Bombs, and Sister Lip
October 25 -- Yucca Tap Room with Odds + Sods, JJCnV, and Gloomsday (San Diego)
October 19 -- Yucca Tap Room with Des and the Cendents (LA), Venomous Pinks, Cockswain, and more
October 12 -- Strangers in El Centro, California. With Sailing Stones
October 11 -- Rips with Labretta Suede and the Motel 6, and The Sex.
October 4 -- Trunk Space with French Girls, JJCnV, and Father Figures
October 3 -- Pub Rock in Scottsdale 

August 24 -- Last Exit Live with The Limit Club, Mission Creeps, and Haymarket Squares

July 27 -- Kactus Kate's in Cottonwood. Two sets, with Smoke Bombs.
July 26 -- Hollywood Alley's final Friday night, with Pinky Tuscadero's White Knuckle Ass Fuck, Button Strugger, Fat Gray Cat, and Dick Hazard.
July 16 -- Rhythm Room with Sonny Vincent, Grave Danger, and The Sex
July 13 -- Redwood Bar in Los Angeles with Dirty Eyes, The Probe, and No Small Children
July 12 -- Tower Bar in San Diego with Stalins of Sound and Batlords.

June 16 -- Phoenix house party with Father's Day and Naked Pizza.

May 25 -- Yucca Tap Room with Father Figures and The Pork Torta (from Tucson

April 26 -- Yucca Tap Room for FoxVag 4. With Venomous Pinks, The She-Riffs, French Girls, Olivia Neutron John, and Night Nurses.
April 20 -- Chopper John's with Banshee Bones (LA) and Bovine Fury.
April 13 -- Monte Vista Hotel in Flagstaff with Tonsil Yeti. Played two sets in order to get paid.
April 12 -- Rips with Tonsil Yeti, Dirty Hairy, Nerdzerker, and Echo Bombs

March 16 -- Yucca Tap Room with BroLoaf and Plainfield Butchers
March 8 -- Chopper John's with Breakup Society and Dfactor.

February 16 -- Ice House Tavern with JJCnV and Blanche Beach
February 15 -- Palo Verde Lounge in Tempe withe Elephant Rifle, The Sex, and Button Struggler
February 2 -- Yucca Tap Room with Antique Scream and Ace High Cutthroats

January 18 -- The Blooze Bar with Breakup Society, The Earps, and Greenhaven.

2012 (25)

December 31 -- Lost Leaf with French Girls and Andrew and His Feisty Felines. 
December 22 -- 10th Joe Strummer Memorial with Glass Heroes, Button Struggler, The Sex, and Domino UK.
December 15 -- Crescent Ballroom with X and Father Figures. Sold out.
December 8 -- Drunken Lass in Prescott, with Venomous Pinks and the Sex Toyz
December 7 -- Bubba's Annual Scottsdale Beer Museum Jam Session.
December 1 -- Chopper John's 4th Anniversary Show, with Sunorus, The Shakers, Bitch Automatic, and four other bands.

October 27 -- Rips with Mission Creeps, Black Beverly Heels, and The Black Sleep (late show)
October 27 -- Rogue Bar with Cheap Time and Rebel Set (early show)
October 26 -- Surly Wench Pub in Tucson with Mission Creeps
October 18 -- 910 Live in Scottsdale with The Vibrators and Glass Heroes.
October 12 -- Rips with CH3, Dirty Hairy and Oh Hell No

September 21 -- Hollywood Alley with Betty Blowtorch, Labor Party, and Labor Party.
September 15 -- Rialto Theatre in Tucson. Glitterball 2012 with Sugar Stains. First show with Cappy on drums.

June 30 -- Surly Wench Pub in Tucson with Brainspoon and The Mission Creeps. Bam Bam on drums.
June 29 -- Rogue Bar with Brainspoon and Paul Caporino (M.O.T.O.). Bam Bam on drums.

May 26 -- Chasers with Thee Swank Bastards, Rebel Set, and The Sinisters. Last show with Ian on drums.

April 28 -- Hollywood Alley for the "Ross Rocks!" benefit show with 15 others bands, including Father Figures, Asses of Evil, JJCnV, and French Girls.
April 21 -- Martini Ranch with Guitar Wolf and The Transistors. Met Crazy Stevie from the Devil Dogs.
April 13 -- Rips with Mission Creeps, Reliquary, and Count D.

March 31 -- Yucca Tap Room with No Age, The Growlers, Earthmen & Strangers, The Father Figures, and Avon Ladies.
March 24 -- Yucca Tap Room for FoxVag III. With Shovel, Acorn Bcorn, Man Hands, and Becky Lee and Drunkfoot.

February 25 -- Rips. With Father Figures and Freaks of Nature.
February 16 -- Rhythm Room with Digital Leather, Acid Dawgz, and Weird Ladies.
February 11 -- The Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff. With The Love Me Nots, and Enormodome. Ian on drums. Last show with Louis.

January 21 -- George & Dragon with 3 Raaj, Dead Irrelevants, and Storm the Beach. Louis went to the ER halfway through the set. Jason on drums.

2011 (32)

December 31 -- Yucca Tap Room with The Love Me Nots, Minibosses, The Bruises, and High Horse. Jason on drums.
December 30 -- The Hut in Tucson with The Love Me Nots, The Bruises, and High Horse. Jason on drums.
December 9 -- Club Red/Red Owl in Tempe with X, Black Tibetans, Zander Schloss and Sean Wheeler, The Love Me Nots, The Father Figures, Flathead, and Vices to the Grave. Ian on drums.
December 3 -- Crescent Ballroom with Bob Log III, and Grave Danger. Ian on drums.

November 12 -- Lost Leaf with Garage Shock, and Ace High Cutthroats
November 5 -- Roxy Lounge in Scottsdale with Boots Electric

October 23 -- Rhythm Room. Boobapalooza with Love Me Nots, Hard Fall Hearts, and Mod Zombies.
October 1 -- Vaudeville in Tucson with Asses of Evil and Agression. 

September 30 -- Rips with Asses of Evil, and Agression
September 19 -- Yucca Tap Room with Cute Lepers, Something Fierce, and Dfactor.
September 17 -- Rialto Theatre in Tucson. Part of Friki Fest, with Lords of Altamont, Agent Orange, Mission Creeps, Denver City Saltlicks, and others.

August 27 -- Hell City Tattoo Convention at the Arizona Biltmore. Jason on drums.
August 27 -- Lost Leaf with Ryan Rousseau and His Desert Children, and The Pods. Ian Lee on drums.
August 26 -- Hollywood Alley with Grave Danger and Cosmeticators. Ian Lee on drums.
August 20 -- Club Red in Tempe with The Plump Tones

July 31 -- Lumberyard Brewery in Flagstaff
July 27 -- Rhythm Room with Those Darlins
July 23 -- Chopper John's with Sunorus. Derby after-party.
July 22 -- Ghost Lounge (Hotel San Carlos) with Vinyl .45, Jack Rollers, and Family Secret
July 2 -- The Rogue with Nerdzerker, The Rebel Set, Glass Heroes and Vicky and the Vengents

June 24 -- Chopper John's with Seaside Travellers
June 4 -- Rips with The Freeze, CH3, and Venomous Pinks. First show with Jason Stone on drums and Louis Lashes on lead guitar

April 30 -- Chopper John's with Labor Party and Motortrain. Last show with Notah as our drummer.
April 23 -- Yucca Tap Room. Fox Vag Fest 2, with The Pods, Female Trouble, and tons of other chick bands 

March 25 -- Chopper John's with The Love Me Nots, The Vooduo, and Red Goes First
March 19 -- Palo Verde Lounge with The Rebel Set and Red Goes First. Drea's birthday party.
March 14 -- Martini Ranch in Scottsdale, with Deep Dark Robot

February 14 -- Rogue Bar with The Jitters. Benefit for Gina David.
February 11 -- Chasers with Three Bad Jacks, Special Deluxe, and Storm the Beach

January 29 -- AZ Derby Dames season opener. Two sets.
January 21 -- Palo Verde in Tempe. Night one of the Sundown Showdown with Ultramaroon, Shark Pants, Stalins of Sound, and Plainfield Butchers. Bam Bam of JFA on drums.
January 8 -- Rogue West w/ Labor Party and the Dark Hearts

2010 (36)

December 17 -- Hollywood Alley with Pint of No Return and Johnny Blood and the Transfusions.
December 4 -- Chopper John's 2nd Anniversary Show with Naked for Now, Sunorus, and The Shakers.

November 13 -- George & Dragon for Glass Heroes' 19th-anniversary show. With The Dark Hearts, Vinyl .45, Asses of Evil, Rogue Anthem, & Glass Heroes.
November 13 -- Chopper John's with Female Trouble and JJCnV.

October 30 -- Fort Defiance Chapter House on the Navajo Nation. With Unsheathe, Dismay, and a bunch of other thrash-metal bands.
October 27 -- Rhythm Room. With Batusis (feat. Cheetah Chrome/Syl Sylvain) and Becky Lee
October 22 -- Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff with Complainiacs and JJcNV.
October 16 -- Classy outdoor private party on Palm Lane.

September 17 -- Yucca Tap with Breakup Society, Cosmeticators, Dephinger
September 14 -- Rogue Bar. Erratic Radio Anniversary with Bare Wires, Becky Lee, and Plainfield Butchers. 
September 4 -- Rogue Bar with Spittin' Cobras, who canceled.

August 19 -- Rogue Bar with Dan Sartain and Destruction Unit
August 13 -- Chasers in Scottsdale with Phenomenauts, Brown Tones, Celebrate Nebraska, and more.
August 11 -- Copper State Tavern with Thee Fine Lines, Cosmeticators, and These Charming Men

July 31 -- Palo Verde Lounge in Tempe. With Goodnight Loving (who canceled), Destruction Unit, Cosmeticators, and The Pods.
July 16 -- Rogue Bar in Scottsdale. With Labor Party.
July 6 -- Yucca Tap Room. With M.O.T.O., The Midnight Creeps, and Plainfield Butchers

June 26 -- Sundance's in Prescott. With Grave Danger, Voodoo Swing, and The Slow Poisoner
June 25 -- Rogue West. With Calabrese, Grave Danger, Voodoo Swing, and The Slow Poisoner
June 12 -- Yucca Tap Room. With The Earps, Labor Party, and Loren Dircks.
June 5 -- Yucca Tap Room in Tempe. With The Revenge, Good Men Die Like Dogs, and High Horse.

May 15 -- Jugheads. With Labor Party and Cosmeticators.

April 27 -- Live appearance on Erratic Radio. Thanks to Westley Allen for having us.
April 24 -- George & Dragon. With Love Me Nots, Glass Heroes, Father Figures, Vinyl .45, Thee Unfortunates, Automatic Erasers, and more.
April 17 -- Chopper John's. Arizona Bike Week extravaganza with The Green Lady Killers. We played two sets to a drunken and rowdy bunch of biker folk.

March 23 -- Sail Inn in Tempe, with Pierced Arrows and Lullabye Arkestra.
March 20 -- Palo Verde Lounge in Tempe. With Automatic Erasers, and The Humans (from Reno). Bar fight!
March 19 -- Hotel Monte Vista, with The Love Me Nots and the Pods. Great show. Can't wait to go back to Flagstaff.
March 6 -- The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale. A last-minute invitation from Sharon Labor as we drove home from Tucson. Also on the bill were The Lustkillers, Labor Party, Vinyl .45, the Atom Age, and the Fed-Ups. Lustkillers were pissed that they had to go on at 1:45 a.m. Who can blame them? 
March 5 -- Surly Wench Pub in Tucson. Our first trip to Tucson was excellent. With Labor Party and Bordertown Devils

February 27 -- Joe's Grotto. With The Dames, Janitors of Anarchy, The Father Figures, Casket Life.
February 6 -- Hollywood Alley, with Thee Unfortunates (their triumphant return), and Adam's Evil. Notah ran off the stage to attack someone in the middle of "She Goes Hard," but he returned as we resumed the song. Guess you had to be there...
February 5 -- The Chocolate Factory, for First Friday. Kate Nolen's artwork was a lot better than we were.

January 30 -- Hollywood Alley with Green Lady Killers, Bear Awesome, and Oh Hell No.
January 29 -- Donna Jean's Libations with Graceful Degradation and the Relics.
January 15 -- Rogue West. Maniac Moss on the turntables. Swell art by Andy Hartmark and Dave MarkArt.

2009 (40)

December 31 -- Yucca Tap Room with Love Me Nots and Labor Party. A great way to close out SvT's first full year of existence. Packed house. Enthusiastic crowd. Great bands. And Tana's husband, Chris, brought a platter of sandwiches.
December 16 -- Chopper John's with Skinwalkers, Ray Reeves and more.
December 5 -- Hollywood Alley with Wirefeeder, Janitors of Anarchy, and Storm the Beach.
December 4 -- First Friday at Holgas, with Japhys Descent. This was the first show with Tana Satana on bass.

November 20 -- Rogue West. A great night featuring the art of Dave MarkArt and Andy Hartmark, and the always-great DJ'ing by Maniac Moss.
November 13 -- Donna Jean's Libations in Glendale with The Relics and Graceful Degradation.
November 6 -- The Chocolate Factory in Phoenix. A First Friday art opening for our friends Peter Storch, Jamie Peachey, and Chris Masiello.

October 10 -- Palo Verde Lounge in Tempe. With Cat Party, Earthmen and Strangers, Becky Lee and Drunkfoot. This was a great night.
October 8 -- Rogue West.
October 2 -- Firehouse Gallery. First Friday with Romantasy Cabaret and Thunder Stump, a bunch of kids singing "funny" songs for what seemed like 90 minutes.

September 26 -- Grand Avenue Fest. On the roof of The Lodge art gallery. Great show with lots of bands: Ray Reeves, Complainiacs, Skinwalkers, BOLT!, Haunted Cologne, and more.
September 25 -- Ruby Room with Adam's Evil and Automatic Self-Destruct
September 19 -- Ruby Room with Green Lady Killers and NunZilla.

July 31 -- Ruby Room with Kill Baby Kill, and Sonorous. We're dark the rest of the summer.
July 29 -- Ruby Room with Automatic Erasers, Skinwalkers, Psychic Detectives, Mongo, and Leslie Barton. All hail the Automatic Erasers.
July 25 -- Hotel San Carlos with Green Lady Killers and Cosmeticators.
July 24 -- Hollywood Alley with Kill Baby Kill, and 1977. SvT singer L. joined 1977 onstage to sing "All This and More" and "Cherry Bomb."
July 22 -- Ruby Room with Kill Baby Kill, Cosmeticators, and Leslie Barton
July 18 -- Ice House Tavern with Cosmeticators
July 15 -- Ruby Room with Robot Tank, Fatigo, and Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl
July 11 -- Tempe house party with Psychic Detectives. Great show, lots of dancing kids.
July 8 -- Ruby Room with Psychic Detectives and Mod Zombies
July 1 -- Ruby Room with Video Nasties, William Leadpistol, and Mod Zombies

June 27 -- Jugheads with Dead Ponies and Mondegreen
June 14 -- Hollywood Alley in Mesa, with Lustkillers, Cosmeticators, and Radio Crimes
June 13 -- Kactus Kates in Cottonwood, with Lustkillers and Unstable Youth.
June 6 -- Recording for
June 6 -- Ruby Room with Green Lady Killers and William Leadpistol

May 30 -- Hollywood Alley in Mesa, with Kill Baby Kill, Invisible Humans, and William Leadpistol
May 20 -- Ruby Room with Thee Oh No's
May 16 -- Chopper John's in Phoenix, with Kill Baby Kill and Curse of the Pink Hearse. Notah played five sets from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
May 13 -- Big Fish Pub in Tempe. One to forget.

April 16 -- Ruby Room with Green Lady Killers and William Leadpistol

March 28 -- Kactus Kates in Cottonwood, with Hooves. This show was supposed be down the street at an all-ages fest with a bunch of bands from the downtown Phoenix scene. It was shut down by the cops, so Hooves and us talked Kactus Kates into letting us play.

March 22 -- Hollywood Alley in Mesa

March 21 -- Jugheads in Phoenix with Dead Ponies and Robot Tank

March 7 -- Scottsdale House Party with Janitors of Anarchy
Thee Oh No's.

March 6 -- Ruby Room with Green Lady Killers

February 28 -- The Scene in Glendale, Calif. Cool bar in LA's suburbs. Hope to get back there.
February 27 -- Vertigos in Los Angeles. Part of the Rock 'n' Roll Cabaret series.
February 6 -- Space 55 in Phoenix. Another First Friday thing.

2008 (4)

December 13 -- Salon 7 in Phoenix with Man About a Dog, Ray Reeves, The Complainiacs, JJCNV and a bunch of other bands.
December 6 -- Ruby Room in Phoenix with Green Lady Killers

November 7 -- Firehouse Gallery in Phoenix. First Friday performance on the outdoor stage at Firehouse

October 31 -- Jen Logan and Brandon Croft's Halloween Party in Chandler. Seven songs.







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