Updated May 2, 2016

NEW RECORD: Our fourth record, a self-titled six-song vinyl-only EP, is out now on Slope Records. Pressed on gray vinyl in a killer gatefold package, it's one good-looking record. Check out the label's website to check out all the cool things happening from old-school Phoenix punks like Mighty Sphincter as well as current bands like The Mission Creeps, The Christian Family, and The Bulemics.

We still have some for sale on our online store, and there may be a few left at Stinkweeds, The In Groove, Revolver, and Double Nickels Collective.

SHOWS: We're going back to California May 6 through 8 with shows at The Doll Hut in Anaheim, The Redwood in LA, and The Tower Bar in San Diego for a Mother's Day matinee/BBQ.

Also in May: A date with labelmates the Mission Creeps at Tucson's Surly Wench Pub on the 13th and Rips in Phoenix on the 14th for Slope Records showcase. Also on the 14th, we're playing a matinee at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix. It's a benefit for Girls Rock! Phoenix. Another benefit, this one for The Joy Bus, is on May 17 at Valley Bar in downtown Phoenix.

Down the road, we've got an opening slot for D.I. at Tucson's The Rock on June 25 and a date with the Sugar Stains at Flycatcher in Tucson on July 17.




The latest from the world of SvT...

SOCAL TRIP: Coming up on February 19 through 21, we're heading back out to California for the first time since late September. This time, we're going to play three show with early 80s LA punks Symbol Six, our besties from Phoenix the Smoke Bombs, and a cool San Diego band called Focke-Wolves. Friday's at the Doll Hut in Anaheim, Saturday's at Under the Wire in North Hollywood, and Sunday's a matinee at Cafe NELA in LA proper. 

OTHER SHOWS: Tuesday, January 12 with The Tip (Nashville) at Chopper John's. It's free.

Friday, January 15 with Mission Creeps and two great Phoenix bands, Shovel and JJCnV. That one is at Rips.

Two weeks later, we play Pho Cao in Scottsdale for the first time, with local heroes Father Figures, No Volcano, Smoke Bombs, and Skink. 

NEW MUSIC: Look for an EP coming from us in late winter. It will contain tracks from three different recording sessions: our 2013 Detroit session, a trip to Mike Bolenbach's Full Well Studio late last year, and a weekend session at Jalipaz's AudioConfusion in Mesa this summer. The other tracks we made with Jalipaz hopefully will surface this summer on a full-length. Stay tuned!




Introducing Scorpion vs. Tarantula's third record, "CLAIM TO FAME," now available on vinyl. Recorded, mixed, and mastered in June 2013 in Detroit by Jim Diamond, "CLAIM TO FAME" features 11 new songs, including "Tomboy" by The Romantics. 

Vinyl and CD copies are available at Zia Record Exchange, Stinkweeds, The Record Room, both Revolver locations, and Record Revival. "CLAIM TO FAME" is available through mail order on our MERCH page for $12 plus shipping. CDs are $10 plus shipping.

Also, check our new T-shirt design, available at Record Room and Stinkweeds. It's selling fast. Make sure to grab one.



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